Reset the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to factory settings

If you have serious errors in the android software at your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or you simply want to sell the smartphone, then the factory reset, also called hard reset or full wipe is the right choice. All data and content on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be deleted and the phone is recessed to factory settings. It thus corresponds to the condition at delivery.

Especially in case of errors in the android software, it is sometimes necessary to make a full wipe
In this article, we want visually explain how to reset the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to factory settings and reinstall the image of the Android system.

Ensure in each case that you have a backup of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 data. Think of important elements such as text messages, pictures, contacts, memos, etc. Because these items are not backed up and if you perform the factory reset they will be completely and irretrievably deleted.

When you created a backup, you can now proceed with our instructions.

Open from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the menu and then navigate to the settings. Here you can scroll down to the section "Backup and Reset". Tap on "Factory data reset".

You now get a brief description of the factory reset. Scroll down and tap on the button “Reset device” Follow the wizard step-by-step to perform the full wipe.

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will now be deleted and then restarted. The Android system will automatically be reinstalled. After the factory reset you will have installed a "clean" operating system, as it was sold from the factory.

You have now learned how to perform a factory reset on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and how to put the smartphone in the condition of the factory setting. Serious software problems can now be solved, for which there is otherwise no solution.

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