Samsung firmware update via OTA not possible – Tip

If you own a smartphone from Samsung, which comes for example from the Galaxy series, then you will receive firmware updates usually via OTA. OTA means "over the air" and corresponds to a download via the mobile data connection (mobile network or W-Lan).

Now it may be the case with your Samsung Galaxy model that a firmware update over OTA for various reasons is not possible, although a newer version is available.

If this is the case, then you have the following option to carry out a firmware update anyway:

What you need:

  • Computer or MAC (Must be connected to the Internet)
  • USB data cable
  • The software Smart Switch

Instructions to update the smartphone:

  1. Install Samsung Smart Switch on the PC or MAC
  2. Connect the Samsung Galaxy to the computer via the USB cable
  3. Start the Samsung Smart Switch. A connection should now be established.
  4. Wait a moment, the firmware update should automatically be downloaded after a short while
  5. Now start the firmware update on Samsung Smart Switch by tapping "Install Now"

We hope that you can now perform the firmware update without OTA on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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