Samsung Galaxy Blocking CB Messages Abroad - Resolved

When you're on vacation, unfortunately, it's often the case that foreign mobile operators send so-called CB messages. These are messages with advertising or special information that you receive when you are logged in to a specific cell with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

If you get a lot of such CB messages, it makes sense to disable them. This is easy in the settings of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Here we explain step by step how this works:

Please note that depending on the Samsung Galaxy device and the Android firmware installed on it, the steps may differ slightly or menu names may be different. From the home screen, open the Messages app.

In the overview, tap on the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner and then on "Settings" in the menu. Here you will find a menu item with "More settings" - Select it.

In the next submenu please select "Cell Broadcast Channels" or "CB Messages" Disable them by setting the switch to "Off" - Done!

You have now successfully disabled the CB messages for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. From now on, you should no longer receive unwanted messages from the mobile operator.


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