Samsung Galaxy Compass Error 3 – Solved

If you have installed on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone a compass app, then it can happen at different models that the following error appear when you run the app:

  • Compass Error 3

If an error message appears on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, then is the cause of the following case:

Your smartphone has unfortunately not the appropriate sensor. Thus a compass app can be used, a magnetic sensor in the device must be installed of course. If this is not the case, then the app can of course not access the data and that's why we issued the above-mentioned error.

Unfortunately, especially cheaper smartphones have no magnetic sensor. Little can be done except to buy a new smartphone, which has installed a magnetic sensor.

We hope you are not too disappointed and still have fun with your Smartphone. At least you know now why the error "Compass Error 3" appears when you open a compass app on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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