Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Activate anonymous browsing - incognito mode

You can activate the so-called "Anonymous Browsing" on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when browsing with the Android browser on the Internet. This corresponds to the "private mode" as you may know from Firefox browser or Google Chrome browser. If you have anonymous mode enabled on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, no browsing history will be created or cookies saved. This therefore corresponds to anonymous surfing on your smartphone. However, please remember that you still exchange data with the Internet and you are therefore visible.

To use the anonymous mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, proceed as follows:

Open the Android Browser and then tap the top right three-point symbol. Now tap "Incognito mode". Confirm the information to the Incognito mode with "Ok". You can now begin to surf anonymously on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The incognito mode is indicated by the fact that the color of the area of the address bar is now dark grey instead light gray.


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