Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Activate meeting mode within voice recorder

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 provides with the app "voice recorder" a so-called meeting mode. The meeting mode can record different people at a table at the same timer, if they sit in a circle. Later you can fade out the speaking of selected people to understand easier who spoke. The meeting mode uses the three microphones of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

So if you want to use the meeting mode of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, this must be activated first. And that works as follows:

Open from the Home Screen the menu and then the app "voice recorder". In overview window of the voirce rcorder you will find a small icon at the bottom right with a microphone and a gear. This symbol stands for the recording mode. Tap on it and you can choose from the following modes:

     - normal
     - interview
     - meeting
     - voice memo

Select "meeting" to use the function mentioned above.

Have you recorded a meeting with this function, you can later hear the result on the voice recorder app. When you open the app, tap at the top right icon with the three dots and then select your recorded file of the meeting. This opens a screen where you can now hide and show the speaking of the recorded people.
You now know how to take a voice memo in the meeting mode and how to use the player of the memo. Have fun and success with this useful function.

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