Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Activate Swype function on keyboard - Solved

If you enjoy writing on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, using the Samsung keyboard, then you might be interested in the Swype-function . Swype in conjunction with a keyboard means that you can write a word without taking the finger from the screen by sweeping over the letters that appear in the word. Therefore, it is also often spoken from the "continous input" in connection with Swype. Swype software is available either as an extra keyboard to purchase in the Google Play Store, or you can simply use the existing Swype feature on the Samsung keyboard. While this is not called Swype in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but "Continuous Input". Don´t worry, it has nearly the same function.

We show you now how to activate Swype (continuous input) on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Open from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

App Menu --> --> Settings --> Language & input -> gear icon next to Samsung keyboard --> Keyboard swipe

You can now choose between the following options:

     - None
     - Continuous input (Enter Text by sliding finger across the keyboard --> Swype)
     - Cursor control (slide fingers across the keyboard to move the text cursor)
     - Flick input (Flick upwards on a key to view symbols and alternative characters

In order to activate Swype on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, choose "Continuous input". That's it, you now can write text by simply sliding your finger over the letters contained in a word with the Samsung keyboard. The keyboard will automatically detect the correct word. Have fun with this method to write text on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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