Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Add Widgets - Solved

If you want to add new widgets on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it may be that you first can not find this feature. This is especially the case if you come from an older Android operating system.

We show you now in our guide how to add a new widget to the home screen on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

This works simply as follows:

Tap once long with your finger on a blank area of your home screen until it shrinks and shows different options. You will now find a small Toolbar at the bottom with a button "widgets". Tap on this button and you will receive the usual overview of all widgets that are available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Tap on a widget, and keep your finger pressed down on it until you can place he widget on the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Finish!

You know now how to place a widget on the homescreen at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 .


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