Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android Lollipop Disable notifications on the lock screen

It can happen to you on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 after updating to Android lollipop that you will be displayed notifications from apps on the lock screen, you do not want to see. Fortunately, the management of notifications by Apps was improved in Android Lollipop. That's why we want to show you how you can easily disable notifications from apps on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Android Lollipop. For this purpose, please complete the following steps:

Open from the home screen the menu, then the Settings. Tap on "Sounds & Notifications" and then in the next sub-menu, go to "Application Notifications". Here you can now see all apps that have permission to display notifications on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Now tap on the app by which you don't want to receive any more notifications.

It will open a small window in which you can now disable the notifications with erasing the hook in the checkbox .

You will immediately don't get any Notifications of this app on the lock screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 anymore.


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