Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android Lollipop Enable Silent Mode - Tips

Who has upgraded his Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the new Android Lollipop 5.0 firmware, will inspect this OS in all sectors. What stands out pretty quickly:
There is no more silent mode available just as it was used in Android KitKat.

The silent mode is now called on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Android Lollipop 5.0 called priority or interruptions mode. The priority mode controls the notifications which sound on your smartphone and shall help to avoid interference from the smartphone at certain times. For example, if the interrupt mode is activated as "Important" it means that only incoming calls and notifications like SMS or WhatsApp messages appear or can be heard by sound, which have you previously considered as important.
This ensures for you, for example, in the night, that unimportant alerts do not disturb your sleep while the smartphone can stay turned on so that only important people can contact you.
For this classification of priority mode navigate from the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on:

Menu --> Settings --> Sound & Notifications --> interruptions
After the priority mode is set to active, it can be rapidly activated or disabled via the status bar of your smartphone. Pull the notification bar with two fingers down. The following shortcuts are available (Second row from the bottom right in the middle):
• None
• Priority
• All

1. If you select "None" you really will not receive any more notification sounds on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Important to know in this mode: Even the alarm clock no longer rings!

2. When selecting "Priority" you enable the settings from the interruptions menu above. (Beware that events and reminders are activated so that the alarms ring!)

3. If “All” is activated, all sound notifications are enabled on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

When set to "No" or "important" you see a new symbol on the status bar: a star

You know now how to activate the silent mode in Android Lollipop on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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