Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android Lollipop – How to activate Smart Lock

After updating to Android Lollipop at your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you can also use the new function "Smart Lock". However, this must first be activated in the Android Lollipop settings. Where you can enable and activate Smart Lock on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, we would like to show you in our article:

For this purpose, you must navigate from the home screen to the following submenu:

Menu --> Settings --> Security

Scroll all the way down here, until you can see the section "Advanced". In this section firstly check whether Smart Lock is activated in the “Trust Agents”. Therefore tap on the entry "Trust Agents". Check here, if the entry “Smart Lock” is set to "On". Is Smart Lock activated within the Trust Agents, return one menu level back and then tap on "Smart Lock". After entering your pin or an alternative security method you can activate and use the Smart Lock features on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The choices are:

• Trusted Devices
• Trusted Locations

Tap on an item to configure settings and recognition method for Smart Lock.

You know now, how you can find on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Android Lollipop the Smart Lock feature and how to activate it.

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