Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Answer call by pressing Home Button

There are many different ways to answer a call on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

  -   Answer call with Slide
  -   voice control
  -   waving hand over the device

All three types have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore the Android programmers included also the possibility to answer an incoming call by pressing the Home button. This method is the quickest and most practical to accept an incoming call. Thus a call on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be adopted easily by pressing the home button, but first you have to enable this option within Android.

We show you now where you will find the option:

Navigate on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 into the following sub-menu of the Android settings:

From the home screen to the App Menu --> Settings --> Accessibilty --> Answering and ending calls

In this submenu you can now at activate the option "Pressing the Home key" in the section "Answer calls by" by placing a checkmark in the checkbox. That's it. If you are now receiving a call on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 then you can answer it by pressing the Home button.


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