Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Change storage location for photos of the camera

If you shoot photos with the integrated camera of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, these are automatically saved to the internal memory of the smartphone. This setting is set at the factory to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But if you have now inserted a micro SD memory card into your smartphone, then you want surely that your photos are saved directly on this, so as to keep the device memory free.

If you do not know how you can change the storage location for photos taken with the integrated camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, then we would like to explain this in more detail here. For this purpose, please open as first thing the camera app on your smartphone.

Within the camera app, you can now tap the icon in the form of a gear. A small menu will appear where you now need to tap on the icon with the three points. You will see different tiles on the screen. Each tile represents an adjustment of the camera software. Scroll down a little bit until until you can see "location". Tap the tile and you have the following options:

    - device
    - SD card

In order to switch the location for new photos on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to "memory card", you only need to select the entry. The setting is effective immediately for all newly shot photos.

You now know how to change the storage location from internal device memory to memory card on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


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