Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Change the Default application - solution

If you have set on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 an application as the default application, then it is always used for a particular operation. To set an app as the default application is usually requested in the first embodiment. You can see here usually a window with "Complete action using". You can choose between "Always" or "Just once". If you have chosen a option, then the selected app is always used for this operation.

If you now want to change the app, which is used by default for a task, then you have to do the following:

On your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 navigate from the home screen into the following submenu:

App-Menu --> Settings --> Default Applications

You are now able to see what application is defined for which transaction as the default application. Tapping the items you can change the default application on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

It is also possible to delete a value, so that the query "Complete action using" appears again. This is handy if you want to use another app to open a file each time.

You now know how to change or delete a default application on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


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