Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Clear widgets from the home screen

On the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 there are from the outset different widgets placed on the home screen. These include, for example: S Health, Geo News, Flipboard, Galaxy apps and many more. Usually you do not need these widgets on the home screen. That is why we show you now how to remove widgets from the home screen of your Samsung galaxy Note 4:

If you are seeing the widget on the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you want to remove, then press with your finger long on it until it sets apart from the home screen. At the same time a trash can icon will be displayed in a bar above.

Drag the widget with your finger over the screen in this trash can icon to delete the widget from the home screen. Once the finger is directly above the trash can symbol, you can remove your finger from the screen. The widget was then removed successfully.

You know now how to remove a widget from the home screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


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