Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Continuous beeping at call – How to deactivate that

If you make a call with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it may happen that you can hear a beep at regular intervals. This beep sounds every minute during the entire conversation. This beep is the the so-called Minute minder. This sound is there to inform you that an additional minute of the call has passed.

Since the Minute minder is only sensible if your call is billed to minute, most Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users with a flat rate contract want to disable the minute minder. We would like to explain now, how you can deactivate this Minute minderon the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Open from the home screen the menu and then the Settings. Now scroll all the way down to the section "Applications" and tap here on "Call ". In the next menu tap on "call alerts". Here in the section "Call status tones" you will find the "Minute Minder". Remove the check mark in the check box and from now you will not hear any tones during a telephone conversation with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

You know now, how you candisable on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the permanent regular beeping minute minder.


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