Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Create and edit APN access points manually

You can create on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 an access point manually and edit it. An access point is needed for the mobile data connection and of course to surf the Internet. Only if an access point exists your smartphone can connect to the Internet through the wireless network of your provider. Mostly the data is automatically entered from the beginning, but it may be in some reasons, that an access point must be entered manually in the Android settings.

We show you now in this paper how to create and edit an access point on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for the mobile Internet:

Open from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the menu and then the Android settings. Navigate to:

Section "Network connections" --> More networks --> Mobile networks --> Access Point names

In this menu you can now use the plus icon at the top of the screen to add a new APN access point to your smartphone. A window will open in which you must now put in various data to create your access point.

Have you entered all data, scroll up and then tap on the three-point symbol. In the mini pop-up menu select "Save". Your new access point with the APN settings is now available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 . If not already done, mark the just created access point as "active".

Finished! Your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should now connect to the o the mobile Internet via the access point now.

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