Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Deactivate Roaming - Solved

If you are staying with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 abroad, then it selects automatically the foreign mobile partner-network of your provider. From this point  roaming begins, which means the use of a mobile network outside of the home network. In addition to the telephone, there is also the mobile data network over which you surf the Internet with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The use of mobile data network in roaming during a stay abroad can lead to very high costs.

So to avoid unpleasant surprises with your next invoice we recommend you to disable roaming abroad. We show you in this article how to deactivate Roaming in Android at your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Open from the Home screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the "Apps"and then navigate to Settings. Scroll down here to the section "Network Connections" and then tap on the "More Networks" Button. In the next menu navigate to "Mobile networks". You will now see an entry with "data roaming". Remove the mark in the check box to disable this feature now.

With this setting, you will now no longer get a mobile Internet connection on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, if you find yourself abroad from your mobile home network.


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