Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Delete widget from the home screen

If you have placed a widget on the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 , then it may be that you want to delete this after some time. But how do you delete a widget from the homescreen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ? We would like to briefly explain you how to delete a widget from the home screen.

Switch to the page of the Home Screen, on which the widget is placed. To remove it now, press long at the symbol of the widget until it hovers and the smartphone vibrates briefly once. At the top of the screen a bar will now be visible and within a trash symbol is displayed. Now drag the widget with your finger in this trash can. Is the widget over the trash, it will flash red.

This means that you can now take your finger off the screen. The widget is now deleted from the homescreen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

You know now how a widget can be removed from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


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