Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Disable Haptic feedback

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vibrates when certain software actions occur or when buttons are pressed. This is the so-called haptic feedback, which will give you the impression that you have performed an interaction. The haptic feedback is a useful thing, but it may be that you want to disable this feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If this is the case, then we'll show you now how you can deactivate the haptic feedback on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

To do this open from the Home screen the menu and then Settings of Android. Tap in the next step on "Sound". In the next submenu, scroll a bit far down until you can see the section "Feedback" and the menu item "Haptic feedback".

In order to disable the haptic feedback, remove the tick in the checkbox.

YouSamsung Galaxy Note 4 will then no longer vibrate when you press a key or perform a specific action software.


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