Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display very dark, brightness control has no function when "Automatic"

If you have problems to read the display of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, then it is maybe because the screen brightness is very dark. In the same breath, you will notice that there is no change in the brightness of the display visible when you pull down the status bar and then changing the brightness control. If you receive this issue also at your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, this has nothing to do with a broken display, but with an setting of the Android operating system.

To be precise, it the power saving mode that overwrites all settings for screen brightness when it is active.
We show you now how to on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the screen brightness can be again increased and the energy-saving mode can be used at the same time.
Open on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Menu --> Settings --> Power saving --> Power saving mode --> Restrict performance

In this submenu, you now find the following option: screen output

Remove the check mark to leave the screen brightness with the old settings on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and that they are not reduced. Although the energy consumption is slightly higher you can now read the display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 almost better.

You know now why the screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is so dark and how to change this setting in Android again.


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