Samsung Galaxy Note 4 does not play all video formats - solution

If you want to watch a video on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it can happen to you that this is not played correctly. May you have no video signal or the audio does not play, so the video can be viewed only dumb. Mostly it is due to the ability of the Android video player to play back some video formats. The factory-installed video player on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 does not support all video codecs.

But fortunately you can download and install video players from the Google Play Store, with which the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is able to play almost all video formats.

We want to recommend you the free "MX Player", which will play almost any video format on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The download link to the free video player from the Google Play Store can be found here: Download MX Player

You now know a very good Player for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. As of now, you should have no problems with videos that can not be played properly.

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