Samsung Galaxy Note 4 empty apps in RAM - Solved

Apps on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 remain after closing in the RAM memory. Android controls the memory distribution independent, which means that intentionally programs will be left in RAM so that they can be re-opened quickly.

By the persistence of apps in RAM the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not affected as you might sometimes think.

Nevertheless, it may be that you want to clear the memory RAM, so that all remaining programs in the background are closed. We want to clearly explain to you now how you can clear the RAM on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, .

Return back to the Home screen on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and then press and hold the left soft key button. This will now display an overview of all open apps. To get to the RAM or Task Manager tap at the bottom on the small pie chart.

Now the active applications in RAM will be displayed. To stop them, you can either end each app individually, or by clicking the "End All" close them simultaneously. That's it. You have now manually ended the remaining RAM apps on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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