Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Enable Fast charging - Solved

Samsung advertises its new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that it can be recharged extremely quickly. So it should be possible to recharge it to 50% capacity of the battery within half an hour . To make this possible, however, you must first activate the the function of "fast charging" in Android.

We want to tell you in this article now how to activate on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 fast charging.

For this purpose, please open from the home screen the menu and then the Android settings. Search for "Battery" and tap on the entry. It now will open a submenu where you will find the following option: "Fast charging". You can now activate it by clicking the checkbox behind this option.

Then it is possible to charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 4  with the quick charge function. This is very useful if you have only a very short time available to charge the phone again and operate with it.


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