Samsung Galaxy Note 4 find files received via Bluetooth - Solved

If you exchange with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and another Bluetooth device files such as video, images, APK installation files etc. then they are stored automatically in the internal memory of the device. Now it may be that you can not find these files received via Bluetooth on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If this is the case, then we would like to show you a simple hint on how you can quickly and easily find the Bluetooth received files on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Open on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Menu --> Settings --> Bluetooth

At the top right you can see a small three-point symbol. Tap on this and choose in the small pop-up menu "Received Files". Now you will see all the files that you have received on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from another Bluetooth device.

You know now, how you can find files on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that have been sent via Bluetooth.


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