Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Flash light on call - How to deactivate

If you notice at your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that for an incoming call, the flash light is flashing, then this is due to a special feature of the Android operating system. This feature is called "flash notification" and is in addition to the ringtone to point out that you get an incoming call. If you do not want the flash of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 lights up when you receive a call, you can disable the flashlight notification as follows in the Android settings:

On your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 navigate from the Home screen to the following submenu:

Apps --> Settings --> Accessibility --> Hearing

At the top of the site you can now see the "Flash Notification". To turn off the flash alerts when receiving calls or alarm tones remove the tick in the checkbox now. Finished!

You will now get on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 no notification by the photo light.


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