Samsung Galaxy Note 4 How to activate GSM mode - Solved

In USA and worldwide, there are various mobile networks. These include GSM, WCDMA and LTE networks. The networks have different characteristics, which differ mainly in network coverage, voice quality and data speeds. You can opt for one of these networks manually. In this case, we would like to briefly explain you how you can manually switch to the GSM network with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and what the advantages and disadvantages are.

When you switch with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the so-called GSM mode, this has different effects for you. These are:

     - Reception quality increases (GSM is the best-developed network standard)
     - Voice quality increases
     - Internet speed is very slow, low data transmission over the GSM network

The GSM mode is useful for those who have only a poor reception quality in the networks WCDMA and LTE, or in which the voice quality for calls is poor.

We tell you now how to change to GSM mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This works on Android as follows:

Open from the home screen the following submenu on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

App Menu --> Settings --> Section "Network Connections" --> More Networks --> Mobile Networks --> Network mode

It will now open a submenu where you have to choose from the following menu items :

   - LTE / WCDMA / GSM (auto-connect)
   - WCDMA / GSM (auto-connect)
   - WCDMA only
   - GSM only

Here you now have to select the option "GSM only". That's it. Your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will now register only in the GSM network and you will have the above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages of the GSM mode.


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