Samsung Galaxy Note 4 How to backup WhatsApp messages - Solved

We want to show you here with this article how you can create a backup of WhatsApp messages and how to restore them on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

WhatsApp automatically creates conveniently once a day a backup of the message and stores it under the following path:

" /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases"

The backup files have the file extension: ".crypt". Secure themĀ on the computer or another location for example the SD card of your smartphone. (Copy & Paste). This your Backup of the WhatsApp Messages. Keep them safe.

Maybe you now perform a factory reset of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and want to restore the WhatsApp messages later or you want to buy a new phone and export the messages there. However, we tell you now, how to restore the WhatsApp messages on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or a new phone.

Download "WhatsApp" again from the Google Play Store. WhatsApp will create automatically the same file structure as you knew before.
Now take your files that you have previously saved as a backup and copie them back into the folder " /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases" on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or the new smartphone.

Now all message history that you previously had in WhatsApp should again be available on the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

You know now how to back up WhatsApp messages on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4and how to restore them later.

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