Samsung Galaxy Note 4 How to clear browsing history in Google Play Store - Solved

On the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the market Google Play Store is installed, in which you can download apps and applications for your smartphone. Within the Google Play store a search is integrated, with which you can search for apps, films, magazines and a lot more. All search terms that you enter in this search are stored in a so-called search history. If you want to delete this search history on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, then proceed as follows:

Open the Google Play Store on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and then drag from the left edge of the display the menu into the screen (Wipe from the left to the middle of the screen). Please press the menu item "Settings" in this side-menu. In the next sub-menu you can see the option "Clear Local Search History".

Tap the menu item and your search history will be automatically deleted. Finished! You now know how to delete on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the search history of the Google Play Store.

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