Samsung Galaxy Note 4 How to deactivate Camera Shutter Sound

Whenever you take a photo with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, then you will hear a click-sound. This is the so called shutter sound. Whenever you take a photo and tap or press the shutter release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 then this tone will sound.

Unfortunately there is now way to turn off this shutter sound in the camera firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Which is why you must use a little trick, if you do not want to root your smartphone.

For this purpose if you'd like to take silent pictures with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 switch to Vibration or in silent mode. This works very simply via the status bar. Slide the notification bar down from the top of the screen and then tap once on the speaker icon. Your phone is now in vibrate mode and thus also records photos without shutter sound.

This trick is really great if you want to take photos in a quiet and calm environment with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Do not forget again to switch back to the sound mode after you shot your pictures. This is done again using the status bar of your Android smartphone.

You know now how to silently take pictures with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 without rooting the device.

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