Samsung Galaxy Note 4 How to deactivate fingerprint scanner

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is equipped with a fingerprint scanner. With this it is very easy to unlock your phone using your finger without entering a pin, gesture or password. However, the fingerprint scanner does not work quite as good as you would have perhaps desired. So it may be that after initial tests of the fingerprint scanner you want to disable it. How this works on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 we explain to you now in this article.

Open from the home screen the app menu and then the settings. Tap there on the button with "lock screen" and in the next sub-menu in the section "Screen Security" at "screen lock".

Confirm now with a fingerprint that you would like to open this submenu. Then you can now select for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 one of the following unlock methods for your lock screen:

    - Swipe
    - Pattern
    - Pin
    - Password
    - None

Voila, that's it. You now have the fingerprint scanner on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 disabled and replaced by another alternative method.


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