Samsung Galaxy Note 4 How to enable 3x4 keyboard - Solved

If you are used to the 3x4 keyboard from your old smartphone and want to use this on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 again, we want to show you how to enable this keyboard layout in Android.

The 3x4 keypad can be activated on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as follows:

Open from the home screen the menu and then the settings of Android. Navigate as follows:

Section "System" --> Language & input --> gear icon next to "Samsung Keyboard --> Input languages " English"

This opens a window in which you can choose between the following keyboard layouts:

    - QWERTY keyboard
    - 3x4 keyboard

Now set the marker at 3x4 keyboard to use this as active keyboard layout for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Finished! You have now successfully activated the 3x4 keypad on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


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