Samsung Galaxy Note 4 How to make photosphere photos - Solved

Images are characterized as photosphere picture, when they enable a 360° 3D view. In a photosphere many different individual images are assembled and mounted on a calculation photosphere for viewing.

If you want to do photosphere shots with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, then you are looking for the corresponding function in the camera app. But this mode is namely not available. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has installed only the main camera modes from the factory. More camera modes, including the photosphere function must be downloaded separately. We show you now how to download and use the photosphere mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Open on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the Camera app. Then tap on the button "mode" and then scroll a little way down until you will see "Download". The Galaxy App Store will now open and you will be able to see all the available camera modes. The mode for taking Photosphere pictures is called "Surround Shot". Tap on the entry and select "Free" to download the mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Once the download is successful, you can then switch in the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the mode "Surround Shot" and create Phtosphere pictures. Have fun with it.

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