Samsung Galaxy Note 4 How to perform a SMS Backup - Solved

If you have stored on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SMS messages, which have enormous significance for you, then you should save them from time to time in a backup. Backup your SMS can easily be done with your PC. We show you now how to secure SMS messages from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on the PC.

What you need is the Samsung Kies program, which stands for synchronizing data between PC and Samsung smartphones. This can be downloaded free from the official Samsung website, if required: Download Samsung Kies

Now connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the PC and then open Samsung Kies. Tap here now up at the tabs on "Backup & Restore". Then you see the next area "Personal Data" and in it “Messages” to save your SMS on your PC. Sets a hook into the checkbox after "message".

Tap in the upper right at the button "Backup". Your SMS messages are now assured of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the computer via Samsung Kies. If necessary they can be restored in the same way of course again.

You now know how to backup on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 your SMS messages.


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