Samsung Galaxy Note 4 How to save facebook images

Does this sound familiar? You see a beautiful picture at Facebook and would like to download this now on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But how can I download this? We want explain to you, based on the mobile website (not the Facebook App!), how to save images from Facebook to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

If you want to download and save pictures from Facebook on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you must proceed as follows:

Open on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the standard Android browser and within this the website If the website is open, you can display the image that you would like to download to your smartphone.

You will now find a link with "Show original size" under the picture. Tap on this link and the image will be shown in full size on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Now you can download and save the image.

Tap long on the image until a small pop-up appears. In this one you can now select "Save Image". The download of the Facebook image will now automatically start. The downloaded image can now be watched in the Downloads folder.

You now know how to download and save a picture from Facebook on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


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