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If you discover on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 spots on the display that will seem strange to you, it may be either that the pixels of the display are defective at this point, or that the display is baked. Defect pixel can arise when something is displayed over a a very long time and at the same position and in the same color. This has been the case for example with the status bar in Android Jelly Bean. The bar was displayed black and continuously. After about a year, the pixels were defect at the top of the screen. This is no longer the case with Android KitKat or Android lollipop. Nevertheless, it may happen that pixels burn in on the display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Especially if you navigate a lot with the smartphone and Google Maps or Navigon app. Here, certain areas are always displayed in the same color.

To test whether pixels are defect on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you can do the following test:

Open from the home screen, the phone app. Switch at the top to the keypad. Now enter the following code to display the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 service menu:


After entering the code you see a menu, which consists of tiles. In the series at the top you will see:

• Red
• Green
• Blue

By tapping the individual tiles that color is displayed on the screen. As a pixel is always made up of "Red, Green, Blue", you can check with this test, if any color can still be displayed in glorious color. If   If you can see on the screen discoloration or dull areas, it means that these are already defect pixels.
You now know how to test on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 if the display has defect pixel or not.

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