Samsung Galaxy Note 4 How to use gallery search filter for photos

Everyone knows this: You are looking for a picture within a huge collection of pictures to show it to your friends or to look up something. Unfortunately, finding a single photo in such a quantity of images is very difficult.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has therefore the practical function within the Gallery app to filter for certain criteria . The Gallery app automatically detects what is pictured in the photos. The following filter criteria can be used:

    - event
    - people
    - scenenery
    - documents
    - food
    - Pets
    - vehicles
    - flowers

If one chooses "documents" as filter criteria, all the images are displayed, where text appears. Or with the filter "vehicles" all images are shown, where a car can be seen.

And here you can find the filter function in the Gallery app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Open the Gallery application and then tap at the top left on "Album". You can now see a button with "Filter by". Tap on the small arrow to pop up the menu. You will now see the above-mentioned filter criteria. Tapping on a filter applies it to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Finished!

To clear the filter tap again "album" and it will display all albums to you as usual. You know now how to apply the filter function for photos within 'the gallery on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


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