Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Improve image quality of the camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a very good camera that boasts a truly outstanding image quality, assumed you have selected the correct settings within the camera app.

Thus, you will receive the best image quality from the camera of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, we now want to give you a few tips about you.

As first thing, open the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and tap within the app on the icon in the form of a gear. This will now open the settings. You now see various tiles with different settings that are more or less relevant for the image quality.

You now have to set the following settings on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to get a better picture quality of your photos.

Tip 1: Adjust the screen size to the highest resolution

From the factory the highest image size is not be set on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Only the 8-megapixel resolution is activated. Since the camera can resolve up to 16 megapixels, it is recommended to use it to make the best images.

Tap the tile "Picture size" and then select 16 megapixels as the used image size.

Tip 2: Disable Image stabilizer

The "Picture stabilization" automatically regulates the ISO value, so even in low light conditions images can be made on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 through reducing blur. Unfortunately, the "Picture stabilization" is also responsible that the pictures do not have the desired image quality in very bright light .

Therefore, you should disable the"Picture stabilization" on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Tap on the tile with "Picture stabilization", so this mode is "disabled".

Tip 3: Set iso value manually to ISO 100:

In automatic mode and disabled HDR mode you can set the ISO value manually. It is recommended to set the ISO value to 100 for a very good image quality (assuming optimal lighting conditions) .

Tap "ISO" and set the value to "ISO 100".

You have now learned three different tips that significantly improve the image quality of the camera photos of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Have fun to take pictures!

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