Samsung Galaxy Note 4 looses net signal - Tip

If you notice on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, that you can not receive calls or SMS, this may be due to an error in the Android system. Most of these errors will only appear once, so that the following tip will help you in this case. This trick is used when the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not connected to a network, although the bars are filled in the network signal strength indicator.

To reconnect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the mobile network of your provider, you must proceed as follows:

Pull down the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with two fingers and then tap on the icon with the "aircraft". This is the airplane mode. If the airplane mode is enabled on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 all connections with mobile networks will be disconnected. This is important because then your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 tries to re-connect with existing networks again. This of course includes the mobile network.

After you have left your smartphone in airplane mode for about 20 seconds, you can disable this again. Pull down the status bar again with two fingers and tap again the "airplane" symbol. That's it. Your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should connect to the mobile network and you can be reached again by phone and SMS.

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