Samsung Galaxy Note 4 MMS video quality very poor

If you notice on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that the quality of a video which will be sent via MMS is worse than the original, then we would like to explain briefly the reason for that. Sending an MMS video is subject to certain conditions imposed by the provider. The requirement is that the size of the MMS must not be more than around 1.1 MB. And here is already the problem for poor quality of an MMS video.

Because if you send an MMS video, your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has to compress it, so that in the end the file is smaller than 1.1 MB. During compression of the video, image information is left out, which is then visible in the poorer quality of the video.

It is usually not possible to create quality MMS videos with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or any other smartphone. Instead, we recommend you an alternative App to send your video. For example WhatsApp or simply sending the video via e-mail.

You know now why the quality of a video that is being sent via MMS from your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, is so bad.

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