Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N icon in status bar stands for? Solved

If you take the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for the first time in operation, then you notice a N icon in the status bar. The status bar is at the top and shows notifications and information symbols. The symbol in the form of an N has the following meaning:

The N stands for NFC - Near Field Communication

With NFC hardware, data can be exchanged over very short distances. In the future this technology will be used to make cashless payments with your smartphone. So your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is well equipped with NFC for the future. At the moment, however, you do not need NFC most of the time. Which is why we recommend to disable this feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 :

To do this, drag the status bar with two fingers from the top to the bottom. You will see now different tiles. One of them is "NFC" and is marked in green. Green means active. Tap the tile once and NFC will be disabled automatically. The symbol in the form of an N disappears from the status bar. Finish!

You now know what the N-symbol in the status bar of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 means and how you can disable the NFC function in android.

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