Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Record films in 4K - Solution

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has integrated a really good, high-resolution camera. With this it is possible to take photos and videos in high resolution. Thus Movies can be recorded in a quality of up to 4K, which was previously reserved only for expensive film cameras. Since this recording function needs a lot of space, this is not activated on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from factory.

We show you now how to set the video quality for movie recording to the 4K resolution on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Open on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the camera app and within this the setting menu. Simply tap on the icon with the gear and then in the small menu on the icon with the three points. You see now different tile options. One of them is called: "Video Size"

Tap on the tile and you can change the video quality on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Select the resolution for 4K films: "3840 x 2160 (16: 9) UHD" .

If you now make movies with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, then you will record them in the highest available resolution . Enjoy filming!


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