Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Remove Google Account – Solved

From time to time it can be necessary to delete the Google account on Android, and then re-create again on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. We now want to show you in detail how to delete in Android the Google account on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This works as follows:

Open from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the app menu and then the Android settings. Scroll down and then tap at the button "Accounts". You can now see all the accounts that are created on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. One of them is the Google account. Tap on this and you open the next submenu. Tap once on your e-mail address, and then in the next submenu at the top three-point icon to the right.
A small pop-up opens, in which can now select "Remove account". Confirm the deletion of the account by clicking OK. Finished!

You now know how on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the Google Account can be deleted within Android.


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