Samsung Galaxy Note 4 restore WhatsApp messages

If you bought the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 then of course you want to transfer your WhatsApp messages from your "old" smartphone to the new one, so they get not lost by the change. Unfortunately, there is currently no automatic backup and restore solution for WhatsApp messages on Android. That's why we want to show you a step by step solution on how to transfer and restore WhatsApp messages from an older Android smartphone to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

For that you have to proceed as follows.

Save the complete WhatsApp folder from your old phone to the PC. To do this, connect your phone via the supplied USB cable to the PC. If this was recognized as a mass storage device, navigate with Windows to that path:

My Computer -> Portable Device -> Phone

Here you will now find the folder "WhatsApp". This folder must now be copyied and for example backuped on your desktop. You have now successfully made the backup of your WhatsApp messages on your computer. Now you can import this backup on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
You must as First uninstall the app WhatsApp at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 if you have it already installed. After that step connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 also via USB cable to the PC with the saved backup. Restore the previously made Backup-WhatsApp-folder  into the root directory of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
When you have finished this step, you can install WhatsApp again on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 by downloading it for example from the Google Play Store.
Then open "WhatsApp" on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and follow the instructions on the display.

Now tap within the assistant the “Restore” Button. This will import all WhatsApp messages from the backup to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. You will then be able to see all your messages from WhatsApp again. Restoring the messages of WhatsApp to your new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 worked hopefully perfect for you with this guide!

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