Samsung Galaxy Note 4 screen suddenly black - Check the battery

When operating with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it is possible that from now on the screen goes black and the smartphone turns off. This usually happens while playing games, surfing the web or watching videos. The reason is that these actions take up most battery power of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If the battery is already somewhat decrepit, then it may not bring the required power anymore, resulting in a voltage drop.

As a result, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 does not have enough voltage to obtain the operation upright and the display is suddenly black and the phone switches itself off.
Therefore, you should check if the battery in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is still fully functional. A simple trick is to check whether the battery is already bloated or bulges. This can be tested as follows:

  1. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Battery lies flat on the table
    If the Battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 lies flat on the table, it is technically okay and either only shows signs of aging or the automatic shutdown is based on an error of the Android firmware.
  2. The battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be "rocked" on the table
    If the battery lies not on the table, but is arched, it should be immediately replaced with a new battery. Due to an existing risk of explosion, this battery should not be charged in your smartphone anymore.

You now know why the screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is suddenly black and what the reason of this is.


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