Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Send SMS to multiple people at the same time - Solved

With your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you can send a SMS message to several people at the same time . This group SMS is useful if you want to send the same message quickly and easily to multiple recipients at the same time . If you do not know how this works on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, we now show you this in our article:

For this purpose, please open first on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the messages app. Tap at top right on the pencil icon to send a new SMS . This opens the SMS editor. At the top you see an address line, in which you find "Enter recipients". Here you can now tap the contact icon. You can now add various contacts as recipient of this sms message. Set behind each contact a hook in the checkbox which you would like to send the group SMS.

You can also add telephone numbers that are not listed as a contact in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Enter the number and tap at the plus sign.

You can now write the SMS and then send to the above named recipient. Remember that your mobile operator sets a limit to simultaneous sending of SMS. How many SMS you can send to your contacts at the same time is limited by your mobile service provider.

You know now how to send an SMS to different contacts and phone numbers on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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