Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Set display to maximum brightness - solved

The display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the highest electricity consumers of the device. Therefore, the software of Android was programmed that the brightness of the display always remains minimal. So a long battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is guaranteed. But not always you only have a long battery life in focus. For instance, to watch pictures or videos on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or using the phone in a bright environment or direct sunlight, it can be very useful in certain circumstances to set the display brightness to the maximum.

How to put the screen brightness to maximum on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 we want to explain in our article:

Therefore open from the the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the menuĀ and then the settings. Tap now on "Display" --> "Brightness. A window will now open with settings for the screen brightness:

Remove the hook next to "Automatic brightness". This disables the control screen brightness through the built-in light sensor on the top of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. About the regulator you can now adjust the brightness manually. Move the slider to the far right to obtain the maximum brightness of the display on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

You now know how you set the display of theĀ Samsung Galaxy Note on the highest brightness level.

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