Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Set Welcome Page at your Home Screen

You can add on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 more pages to your home screen. One of these pages must be set as the so-called welcome page. This welcome page always opens when you return from the menu or when you tap on one of the homescreen pages on the home button. The welcome page shoul be the page which is used most frequently (widgets, apps etc.).

We tell you now, how you can set a page of the home screen as welcome page at your Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Tap once long at the left soft key button of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This will now open a smaller overview of all homescreen pages. You can now scroll through the home screen pages and make adjustments. On each of these pages you will see at the top a small icon, which looks like a house. When you tap at this icon, then the currently displayed page is defined as the welcome page of the Home Screen.

If the house icon is lighted up, then it is activated as welcome page.

You now know on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 how to set a page of the Home Screen as welcome page.


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