Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SMS messages are deleted automatically - solution

It can happen to you on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone that older SMS messages are suddenly not available anymore. The reason for this is a feature in the SMS messages app that automatically deletes old SMS messages.

Old sms messages on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be deleted when a predetermined number of stored objects has been exceeded. The limitation is set by default to 100 SMS messages. If this option is enabled on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you automatically lose SMS messages that you do not get back if you didn´t made a backup. You can disable the "Delete old messages" option thus, in the future, no further SMS messages will be deleted automatically on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. To do that proceed as follows:

Open on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the SMS messages app. Tap into the top right corner at the three-point icon and then in the small menu "Settings". In the next sub-menu tap on "Delete Old Messages". You are now directly in the correct option. Slide the controller at the top right from "On" to "Off" to deactivate the function. Old sms messages are from now on not deleted automatically on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 if a predetermined number of stored messages has been exceeded.

That´s it!  Now you know why suddenly SMS messages disappeared on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and how to fix this in the messages app on android.

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