Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sort and display contacts by last name - Solved

The contacts app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is automatically sorted from the factory by first name and also displays them with the first name in the contacts list. If you use the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 often on business, then it may be sensible and practical when the contacts are not sorted by first name, but by last name. Also, the display with surname first, would be workable.

Fortunately, there is a setting in Android to make the contacts app sort the list by last name and. We show you where to find and activate this setting:

Open from the Home screen the menu and then the settings. Scroll down to the section "Applications" and tap here on "Contacts".

You now see two options:

   -  sort by
   -  display contacts by

Select now "Sort by" and choose "Last Name" and then select "display contacts by" and choose "Last name first" as active.

Immediately the contacts in the contacts app will be sort by last name and are also displayed by last name frist on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 .


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